Is there a free app that reads the bible to you?

YouVersion Bible is completely free and allows you to listen to books, chapters and verses of the Bible. You can listen to the daily reading plans you subscribe to in the Bible app and even pray about your prayer list. The Bible tells us to meditate on his scriptures both day and night. Most of us take it as reading the Bible, but we also consider the excellent audio options for listening to the Bible available today.

We have a breakdown of the best Bible apps that play Bible audio so you can listen to the scriptures on your smartphone or tablet. Why would you want to listen instead of read the Bible? Sometimes reading is not possible. For example, while you're driving to work or working out in the gym, it's not appropriate to try to read the Bible. In fact, many Bible readers are unable to read because of visual problems, language barriers, or have difficulty reading in general because of their age or education.

Users don't have as many audio options as the Dwell app, but we like that it's integrated into the Bible app so you can listen and read, depending on which one is more suitable for the environment. You can read more about the application of the Bible in our roundup of the best simple Bible applications. The Bible, is a mobile application that allows users to read and listen to the Bible within the application. In the application you receive the same translations that you can listen to online.

This application includes a unique function: a sleep timer. You can go to sleep listening to the Bible. It also offers movie clips with the integration of Jesus Film, giving you a truly immersive experience where you can see the scriptures come to life. Open the Audio Bible by tapping the Library button above the Bible on the main screen.

To view audiobooks only, tap on that item in the pop-up. If you look in the main list of all books, you'll see that books with audio have a small headphone icon at the bottom of the book cover. Tap the icon to open the audiobook player control screen (shown below). You can start listening from the beginning or from where you last left off.

You can also tap the book of the Bible and the name of the chapter to go to a new chapter. Regular audiobooks use the titles of the book's chapters. The controls will allow you to play, rewind or advance through verse or section, depending on the type of book. You can control the volume, playback speed and connect to external speakers.

I'm surprised not to see the Daily Audio Bible app on the list, hearing the Bible read again every day has been transformative in my walk with God. DAB also offers a prayer-focused community for those who want to go beyond simply listening to God's word. It's not a blow to any of the ones you've listed, but it's a wonderful addition to these 5 listings. Do any of the Bible packages — Olive Tree, Logos, others have the kind of features I mentioned above? I would like to have something like this to help interact with the scriptures, especially when I'm driving and when I work in my carpentry shop.

It would strongly discourage people from listening to the Bible while driving; this is potentially very dangerous because of distraction. The Bible App for Kids is an application that offers activities and animations to bring the Bible to life for children. Whether you're starting a regular Bible reading rhythm or you're a lifelong Christian who wants a new, beautiful, and accessible way to participate in Scripture, Dwell's myriad reading plans, translations, devotional series, and interactive features. You will find that your children will point out when culture or even Christian messages do not align with the Bible.

This app is a great place to read and listen to the Bible, but also share it with others, including those whose native language is not English. This feature in other apps helps me to follow historical stories more easily and catches my eye better than the traditional single-reader style. This app is phenomenal and has taken me much further in the Bible than ever before, just in the last 2 or 3 weeks. It's hard to remember any issues you had with the app during a previous session, and I affirm that the review opportunity should appear after each use, rather than when someone starts using the app.

Also, thank you for introducing the review and feedback option, which I hope you will read and take action on those that you can identify as good for the application. Developed by Bible Gateway, Daily Audio Bible allows you to listen to a daily Bible reading that is emailed to you or accessed from within the app. The translation drop-down list shows if you have audio Bible listening options with the same sound icon as the website. The ESV Bible app is a beautifully designed biblical app that is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Everything was going well, with the simple design and fast downloads of Bible books for offline use. This Bible app also allows you to download multiple versions, so even without an Internet connection, you can read the Bible. . .

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