What's Wrong with YouVersion Bible App?

YouVersion Bible is notorious for its privacy issues and data collection practices. It is more than just an e-reader that allows you to read the Bible on your phone. Every product and service offered by YouVersion is designed with great care and intentionality, aiming to help users build a deeper relationship with God and explore their faith in a secure environment, within the context of a trusted community of their choice. YouVersion does not sell user information and will not share it without consent.

It only uses access to device storage to download requested content. Where YouVersion has provided a translation other than the English version of the Privacy Policy, users agree that the translation is for convenience only and that the English version of the Policy will govern their relationship with YouVersion. As the global church learns how to foster community in this hybrid physical-digital church world, YouVersion continues to create unique technological experiences for believers. YouVersion also uses anonymous and aggregated user data to market itself, including communications that promote membership and network growth, such as celebrating the total number of installs.

As Bible engagement numbers continue to rise year after year, the YouVersion community celebrates the fact that the Bible is alive and well. The company may disclose use of its content in an aggregated manner with anonymous and anonymized information that does not identify any particular user or their personally identifiable information. All information related to user use of YouVersion (including User Contributions) is stored in connection with their Membership account as long as they are a Member. As stated in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, the English version will govern user relationship with YouVersion.

The Bible App has become the first faith-based app to reach 500 million installs, celebrating a record biblical commitment worldwide. When the Bible doesn't fit one's worldview, they can change Bibles until they find a “truth” that matches their experience. Since then, the application of the Bible has consistently added features that fit people's daily routines, helping them form a spiritually rich rhythm of seeking God.

Johnathan Revere
Johnathan Revere

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