What Bible Does the Bible App Use?

Easily share Bible passages on social media, in texts or by email. Create images of verses, biblical art to share that uses your own photos or our free background.


, offers mobile access to more languages and Bible translations than any other Bible application, and includes dramatized audio of the Bible and The JESUS Film Project. You can READ the Bible, LISTEN to the Bible and SEE it like never before.

The Blue Letter Bible allows you to access the Bible on your Apple mobile device. More than 30 translations are available for free download. Blue Letter Bible comes standard with the KJV and ASV. There are many other translations available with an Internet connection.

DailyBible is the most popular Bible app on Android and includes daily Bible verses, daily Bible reading plans, and quick and easy search for any Bible verse or topic. Daily Bible supports many versions (NIV, KJV, ESV, etc.) With the Logos Bible app, you can open more than 40 Bibles and other books for free. When you sign in with a free Logos account, you get access to additional resources and tools, such as devotionals, reading plans, favorites, highlights, and note taking. The She Reads Truth Bible+ Devotional app allows women from all over the world and everywhere in life to connect with God's Word and with each other, anytime, anywhere.

Scripture Typer is the only complete and complete biblical memory system that equips you to easily memorize verses, organize your verses,% 26 review your verses in your own personalized and customizable review calendar. The Fighter Verses Biblical Memory System was created to help believers persevere in the struggle of faith by arming them with the Word of God. Designed for children and adults, this system allows individuals, groups or entire churches to memorize and review at their own pace. And Bible is an open source, offline, totally free, ad-free Bible app to allow as many people in every country to read, hear and study the scriptures as easily as possible and with the greatest personal blessing.

Bible Reader with the NIV and dozens of other versions for free online. Browse by book, topic, passage, search and more. Most versions are available for download in this application. Devotions, groups, news and more are all included in the Faithlife Study Bible app.

Place your Bible study and the Faithlife community on iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire. Many features of the Bible App for Android and iOS also work offline, including some Bibles that are available for download. It offers mobile access to more languages and Bible translations than any other Bible application, and includes dramatized audio of the Bible and The JESUS Film Project. This amazingly beautiful and well-thought-out app will give you a new verse of the Holy Bible every time you release it.

The Bible Gateway Bible app offers many wonderful ways to experience reading and studying the Bible, including more than 90 different Bible translations, such as NIV, KJV, ESV, NKJV, NLT, HCSB, NASB, CEB, The Message (MSG), Amplified Bible (AMP) and much more. It has built-in videos, images, maps, and a large suite of study tools to help you better understand biblical times and history. It used to take decades to translate the Bible into a new language, write it, print it and distribute it. Secondly, it is also difficult to delete a Bible study plan that appears four times in the list of selected plans.

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Johnathan Revere

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